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Style Spotlight: Abstract Art

A common question we get at the shop is “what’s in style these days?”

And lately, the answer to this little 5 word question has been… strangely loaded with irony. What’s in style these days is really, “anything you’d like it to be.

There are many ideas about why this, seemingly modern, phenomenon’s come about, but the most important part is knowing that you'll be able to find something that'll really fit within your home's style. After all, every carpet category has not only been given an upgrade, but has been infused with patterns and colours of all kinds.

We thought we’d kick off our Style Spotlight series with arguably the boldest design trend: Abstract Art. This style is best defined by its use of bold colours and fluid patterns. The Abstract design is most commonly used in runners and rugs, and products for both high and low traffic areas are available. Check out some of our favourite inspiration photos below:

"a bit of tasteful hodgepodge inspired by nature"

New products dance with contrast - some pieces feature stark shapes and patterns while others are more subdued. Needless to say, there is lots to get to see and feel. Visit our showroom today!

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