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Stair Runners

The Who, What, Where and When

Patterned Beige Stair Runner
Solid Grey Runner on Curved Stairs
Patterned Greige Carpet on Turned Stairs
Patterned Beige Carpet on Stairs

Runners represent safety, luxury and style for a home. They soften the sound of busy feet going up and down the steps, and provide a cushioned grip to prevent falls. 

The width of a stair runner can vary as it can depend on one's own preferences or style. It is important to consider the condition of the wood on each stair, any previous markings as a result of an old runner and the general shape of your stair case. Stair runners can cover none, partial or all of a landing and can often be paired to match the carpet in other areas of the home. 

Before investing in a specific pattern or print, connect with us to learn about the durability of your selection, warranty and care instructions. 

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